How to Sound More Polite in English!

In this Spoken Pro Tips Blog, learn about how to sound more polite when making requests of people.  The key? Using modal verbs and phrases!  We'll learn how to make more polite sounding requests using statements and questions, and even try an exercise below!

All You Need to Know about Phrasal Verbs! (Plus a Bonus Exercise for FB Messenger!)

In this Spoken Pro Tips blog, our Head of Instruction, Josh, tells you all you need to know about those pesky phrasal verbs!  Try a fun, free phrasal verb exercise in Facebook Messenger too!

How to Write Great Emails in English! (Part III)

In Part III of How to Write Great Emails in English, we'll look at the issue of tone.  Depending on who you're writing to and what your prior history or relationship is with him or her, it's important to be able to write both informal and formal emails.  This Pro Tips blog helps with both!

How to Write Great Emails in English! (Part II)

In Part II, we look at the best way to make great email introductions between people in our network.  Follow the template, make your own, and watch your network pay you back over time!