Do These 6 Things in 2017 To Reach Your English Learning Goals! (Part 3)

Over the past two weeks we’ve examined 2 steps you can take to improve your English learning in 2017:

#1: Learn these three things about Your Own Language!

#2: Understand what better English means for your Wallet!

Today, we’ll take a look at perhaps the most important part of your English learning regiment:

#3: Plan Smartly and Hold Yourself To Your Plan!

Stay focused and determined on your English learning goals! The tips below can help!

Stay focused and determined on your English learning goals! The tips below can help!

It’s one thing to  to improve your English, but it’s another to plan smartly and hold yourself accountable to reaching your goals!  Below are a few steps you can take to help make reaching your English learning goals become a reality!

Step 1: Build learning English into your daily routine (HINT: Use your Calendar!)

Just like everything else, creating a routine for your English learning will help you consistently improve.  But, the important thing is that you make the time to do it, otherwise, you just won’t get around to accomplishing your goals!  A few more tips to keep in mind are below!:

The most successful people break their daily calendar down into 15 minute time slots.

The most successful people break their daily calendar down into 15 minute time slots.

  • Your Calendar is Your Best Friend!: In our English for Professionals Podcast, we took a look at the role the calendar plays in successful people’s lives.  Why? Because only 41% of your to-do list will ever get done!  If you want to make sure you complete your tasks, carve out time in your calendar, and WRITE IT DOWN!  The most successful people even have their calendar divided into 15 minute time slots!
  • Don't Over Do It!: Remember, you don’t need to carve hours out of your day to practice and improve your English, and you certainly don’t want it to feel like a burden!  At Spoken, we design our English lessons to take about 30 minutes, because we find that’s the optimal amount of time before our brains need a break!  
  • Evening Person or Morning Person? Know Yourself!: And figure out what works best for you! Is it part of your morning wake-up routine? Or perhaps part of your evening wind-down routine?  Find a time when you are motivated and have energy to work on your English and that is not likely to be interrupted very often.

Step 2: Hold yourself accountable!

In Part II of our English for Professionals podcast episode The 15 Secrets of the Most Successful People we discussed some tactics that we can use to hold ourselves accountable, which we’ll revisit right now:

Don't be afraid to reward yourself for good behavior!

Don't be afraid to reward yourself for good behavior!

  • Keep a Tally (That You See Every Day!):  Keep a visible mark of every day you complete your study goal.  Maybe you place a chec kmark in your calendar, or maybe you have a list with hash marks (“////”), but make sure you see it every day.  Maybe put it on your desk or on your mirror so you see it every morning and every night.  This will help you remind yourself to complete your tasks!
  • Find an Accountability Buddy: Aks someone you trust and who cares about you to check in with you on a weekly basis to ask you if you are accomplishing your goals.  For instance, maybe your goal is to dedicate 30 minutes to practicing and studying English three times a week.  When you know you’ll have to report whether you succeeded or failed to someone else, that will help keep you motivated!  Better yet, find someone who is also working toward a goal, so they can report their success to you too!

  • Reward Yourself!:  When you complete your goals each week, make sure that you have a nice reward you can look forward to!  Maybe it’s watching your favorite TV show or eating your favorite dessert.  While there are long term rewards to learning English, sometimes having some “guilty pleasures’ to look forward to after you put in the work helps make it all feel worthwhile!

That’s all for today!  If you have any more creative tips for making plans and holding yourself accountable to them, feel free to leave your tips in the comments below!

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