Do These 6 Things in 2017 To Reach Your English Learning Goals! (Pt. 2)

Last week we took a look at Step 1 of 6 things you can do to reach your English learning goals in 2016: take a moment to learn 3 important things about your own language:

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Level Up Your English Learning in 2017!

Level Up Your English Learning in 2017!


This week, we’ll look at another important step you can take to make 2017 the year you take your language learning goals to the next level!



Step #2: Research and Understand Your Incentives!

It’s much easier to become motivated and truly committed to reaching our goals, when we understand what those goals actually mean for us.  So, take a few minutes to answer this question: What does improving my English level get me? Below are some examples of what I mean to help get you started:

  • The Management Track Employee: If you work at a large company, especially one with offices in multiple countries, then strong English may be required for you to become a manager. After all, large companies want to be able to promote their best talent from all over the world, but they can’t promote you to a higher role in another country or one where you have to speak to colleagues in other countries  if you can’t communicate clearly in the ‘universal tongue’ of English.  Find out if your company has English requirements you can take advantage of to boost your career and your salary!

"Upwork developers who are 'Conversational' in English have rates that are 40% higher than those who are 'Basic.'"
  • The Freelancer:  Maybe you are your own boss and work as a freelancer.  What can improving your English actually do for you? Well, we took a look at all of the technical freelancers (e.g. programmers) from Latin America on Upwork and saw that there was a 40% difference in hourly rates between freelancers who listed their English as ‘Basic’ and those who listed their English as ‘Conversational.’  Why? Because better English speakers could attract more well-paying clients from places like the U.S., Canada, and U.K. How much more could you make in a year if you were working with more clients from the U.S.?

Can improved English in 2017 help you "Always Be Closing?"

Can improved English in 2017 help you "Always Be Closing?"

  • The Sales and Biz Dev Pro:  Perhaps you work in a sales and business development role for a company and you get a commission for each sale you make (e.g. you get compensated a % of the total of each sale).  How much would your market size expand if you could get clients from not just the U.S. or U.K., but from any other country where English is the ‘language of business’? Take a moment and calculate your ‘total addressable market’ now, that is the total # of dollars you could get with the people you can sell to today, and what it would be if you improved your English and could sell to pretty much everyone!
  • The Software Developer:  Let’s say you are a developer or software engineer looking to make your next move.  This is a career where you may be able to work remotely, or away from office headquarters, so, in theory, you can work for any company you want! Why not take a look at some big foreign companies that have good salaries and benefits?  If your coding skills are good enough, you may be able to land one of these jobs without relocating, or moving.  Go online to a site like and look at the salary differences between jobs you could have with stronger English and the position you currently have.

What’s the lesson? Take a moment to think about what the actual impact of learning English is for you.  That will help you stay motivated and focused on your goals, even when you get busy and when the times get tough!

                     When the Time Get Tough,  The. Tough. Get. Going!

                     When the Time Get Tough, The. Tough. Get. Going!

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