3 English Rules You Didn't Learn In School! Part III

English is full of interesting or, depending on your perspective, frustrating, rules that native speakers follow without actually knowing!  But, they're very important for English learners to learn and know in order to reach their goals!  

Today we'll look at the third of three rules that are very helpful, but that you may not truly "know" yet!  In Part I we looked at when to use "Un-" or "In-" to make a negative word." In Part II we examined how we should pronounce the past tense "-ed" in different cases.  And today we'll study....

Rule #3: How Do You Know How Do Order Adjectives in English?

So, you want to describe something that is complex- that is, it has many qualities or attributes, but, you don't know which order to put the adjectives in!  Let's try one together!:

Alright, so here we have some boats in the water...Some adjectives that come to mind to describe them are:

Blue       Old      Ugly       Two       Brown

So, if we follow our rules and make a sentence that uses the order, we get:

                                                 #      opinion   color    color        color
                 "Do you see those two      ugly       big       blue   &   brown boats?"

Alright, now that we're getting the hang of it, try one of your own! Describe the house in the picture with the adjectives from the "Word Bank." Then, listen to the audio file to check your answer!!

              ADJECTIVE WORD BANK:

Wooden     White     Charming     Red      Old

Exercise: Organize your own sentence using the rules above! And, when you're ready, check your answer by playing the audio recording below!

Well, how'd you do?  Feel free to post your answer below in the comment section! And don't worry- no need to memorize the above charts- the more you work with English, the more natural it will come to you. As I said, not even native English speakers learned this one in school!!