How to Write Great Emails in English! (Part II)

For many professionals, email is the single most important tool in their day to day lives.  As a result, for many, it's important to know how to use email effectively and courteously in order to advance in their careers.  

Part II: How to Make Great Email Introductions

In Part I, we looked at how to write a forwardable email, or an email for our connection to send to someone else.  Today, we will switch roles and will look at how to make an introduction for another person.  This will help us become expert networkers who can connect people easily!

Step 1: Forward your Contact's Email

Let's say we are trying to introduce our friend John to an investor we know named, David.  First, we'll want to make sure that John writes a proper forwardable email, such as below:

Once we have this email, we will forward it to David and add our own note, asking him if he wants to connect to David, this note contains a few important parts: a.) the 'small talk,' b.) the background, c.) the pointer to the email below, and d.) the ask. Let's take a look!:

Part I: The Ice Breaker

It's been some time since we've last caught up- we should catch up soon!

At the start of any email, it's always a good practice to start with an icebreaker to help form personal connections and to make sure you don't jump into the 'business' too quickly!  Something like the above works nicely!

Part II: The Background

In the meantime, your name came up as I connected with a start-up that I thought might interest you.

And, then it's time to transition into the purpose of the email.  Try beginning with a transition phrase such as.  "Anyways,..." or "The reason I'm reaching out...," or, per the above, "In the meantime..."  Then, you can discuss the reason- in this case, wanting to connect David to the company.

Part III: The Pointer

Please see the below note from founder, John.

Now, we need to direct David's attention to the note that John wrote us to forward to David- that way he will be sure to read it and will see all of the information he needs to make a decision of whether or not to connect to the company.

Part IV: The Ask

Let me know if you're interested in connecting and I can loop you all in on an email.

And finally, we make the ask!  We give David a clear question that leads to a clear action.  If he says 'yes,' then we'll add John from the company onto the email chain. If not, well, we'll just let John know that's it's not a good match.

And, that's an easy way for us to make introductions and to help our network benefit from knowing us.  You can bet that making good introductions will pay benefits for you down the road!