Why We Are Reinventing How People Learn English


Happy 2018!  For a full year now, Spoken has surprised and amazed English learners with a new, innovative, and cost-effective approach to improving their English with native speaking instructors.  

Now, we’ve decided it’s time reveal why we decided to create a new way to learn that let’s learners take private lessons for 5-10X less than current options with private instructors.

The overall answer is simple: We thought there needed to be a smarter way to learn English.

The Three Reasons Why

From our experience in linguistics and teaching English at universities around the world, we saw three major issues we wanted to address:

1.) Online Learning Has Not Been Innovative Enough.

Current online methods are...uninspired.

Current online methods are...uninspired.

Let’s be honest: Most of online learning is taking methods from the traditional classroom and simply putting them online. That may help give more people access to instruction, but it does not truly unleash the power of the digital age. Additionally, it doesn’t save costs.  Instead, today’s company’s try to find the cheapest teachers they can, which hurts quality, or they use fancy marketing to convince people to pay more than they should. We wanted to use all of the power of digital tools to make the highest quality instruction cost less.  Spoken is for the Smart Buyer.

2) The Global Demand for English is Rising Quickly.

Demand for English is Skyrocketing Globally.

Demand for English is Skyrocketing Globally.

One billion people will join the global middle class in 5 years-- almost 80% of whom will be in Asia-- and they will bring $30 trillion dollars of spending power with them. What does this mean? It means demand for English, the universal language for business and communication around the world, will continue to skyrocket as people work to get ahead in their lives. In China alone the English market is growing as fast as 25% a year in key markets, adding substantially to an already $60B world-wide market.  People do and will continue to need solutions that are truly effective and, more than ever, that truly provide good value.



3.) Messaging Platforms are the Future around the World.


While Facebook, LinkedIn and other social network websites were growing in popularity in the United States, the rest of the world was surpassing the U.S. with next generation messaging applications, like WeChat, LINE, WhatsApp, and Telegram.  Now, much like the iPhone is hardly a "phone," these messaging applications are so much more than "texting."
For billions of people for whom the smart phone was their first personal computing device, these Messaging Apps offered a more convenient, inutitive way to access the internet in a mobile format, and now over 3 billion people use them every day to do everything from play games, to share pics with their friends, to order an Uber, to pay for dinner.  The average person in China spends 90(!) minutes a day using WeChat and in Iran, Telegram accounts for 40% of all internet traffic. We decided that these messaging apps were the most convenient and modern way for learners to access Spoken.

How We're Doing It.

So, what did we do? We created a smarter, more efficient way for learners to take live, private English lessons that focus on their needs right from their favorite messaging app, like LINE, WeChat, and Facebook Messenger.


How did we do it? We built artificial intelligence bots to act as our live instructors’ assistants.  While learners take their hour long private lessons, our bots send learning activities, give learners options, and even grade some answers. Meanwhile, with the bots saving them time, our instructors can do more of the most important work: helping learners improve their English by giving them very specific feedback, great advice, and keeping them motivated to reach their English learning goals!

What’s the result? Personalized private English lessons with live instructors for 5-10X less, right in the convenience of your favorite messaging app.

Happy 2018 Everyone-- enjoy the New Year and improve your English with Spoken!

Where Will 2018 Take You and your Goals?

Where Will 2018 Take You and your Goals?