About Spoken


How is Spoken Different from Other Services?


Spoken uses artificial intelligence to make private lessons with live instructors more affordable, more convenient, and more effective.  With Spoken, you get the best of all worlds: trained U.S.-based coaches you can work with 1:1 from your phone for very affordable prices!

Who are Spoken’s Coaches?


Spoken’s coaches are carefully selected, highly qualified native-speaking English instructors living in the United States.  Spoken’s coaches have graduate degrees in teaching ESL and linguistics, have experience teaching English overseas, and go through Spoken’s premier teacher training process.  Spoken Coaches are also very friendly, passionate, and engaging people who are excited to help you achieve your goals!  With Spoken, you get a small team of coaches who will learn about your needs and help you reach your goals quickly!

Spoken Uses Only Native Speaking Coaches in the U.S.  How do you keep prices so low?

Spoken’s technology makes lessons smarter and more efficient than online or in person lessons.  We built Spoken because we know that there is lots of wasted time in normal lessons.  For instance, when you are thinking or working on an exercise, your instructor is sitting there waiting for you.  Spoken eliminates this wasted time so you only pay for what matters most- your coach’s help and feedback!

Who Built Spoken?


Spoken was built by passionate linguistics and software engineers from top universities in the United States. Spoken’s founders have taught in 4 universities around the world!

I can use Spoken in my favorite messaging app, like LINE or Facebook Messenger?

Yes, Spoken’s A.I. technology integrates into your preferred Messaging App, making it the most convenient way to learn.. Spoken lessons are very fast-paced and exciting with voice messages, audio files, videos, images and more to help you improve your speaking, listening, vocab, and grammar in the most efficient way possible.

What topics and skills can I work on with Spoken?

Your instructor will help make your learning plan with Spoken that will help you improve your needs! Spoken has developed a new and revolutionary curriculum that will be customized especially for you!  You can focus on topics such as conference calls and meetings, daily life situations such as making small talk and travelling, as well as test preparation materials for exams like IELTS and TOEIC to help you improve your grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and fluency!

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