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What is Spoken?

Spoken provides private English lessons with a trained instructor through messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, and Line to help you improve your English for your job, travel, tests, and more!

Lessons to Help With Your Needs
We have English lessons to help you meet your goals! Whether you need to improve English for your job, for traveling, or for an English proficiency test like the IELTS, we have lessons and courses to help you improve; you’ll learn the English that is most important to you!
Delivered Via Messaging Apps
No app to download or website to navigate; You’ll do all your lessons right in WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, WeChat, or your preferred messaging app! Each takes 30-60 minutes; you can schedule them in advance, or do them whenever you have free time!
Get coaching from experts in the U.S.
You have your own personal expert native English speaker (your “Spoken Coach”) to help you through each lesson and give you personalized feedback to improve!

Spoken Offers Lessons on Many Topics Including:

"Running a Meeting"
It can be difficult to attend, let alone be in charge of, a meeting where everyone speaks English. Learn how to make your meeting go smoothly in English!
Learn how to sound like a native English speaker! Our pronunciation lessons will help you sound more natural and become more fluent!
"The Elevator Pitch"
Learn how to confidently present yourself to coworkers, teammates, and vendors in English!

In addition to regular lessons with your Coach, Spoken also includes:


Vocabulary Flashcards With Every Lesson

The words and phrases you need to know to help you sell more; revisit them anytime you want!


English Support Hotline

Have an English related question at work or at home? Ask your Spoken Coach for instant help!


Personal Consultation

Start with a 1:1 session on helping you accomplish your specific English goals.


Lessons Selected For You

Your coach will select the lessons most relevant for you and your career goals


Anytime Scheduling

Schedule, change, or cancel your lesson anytime you want without penalty!


Trusted by the Best.

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"I encourage anyone to use their services- the results will definitely exceed your best expectations."

-Emmanuel Z., Full Stack Software Engineer, Argentina